The Associated Cooperage Industries of America, (ACIA) was incorporated in the state of Delaware, New Castle County, January 29, 1934.

The purpose of our association is to serve as a contact point for the membership, distribute available information about the wooden barrel (emphasis on white oak), and promote the common interests of those in the industry.

The ACIA membership is made up of Cooperage Firms, Producers of Stave and Heading, several distillers and vintners, and other firms whose business interests are allied to the wooden barrel. Although we are small and non profit, we are international.

Our members are manufacturers of and dealers in:

Associated Cooperage
Industries of America, Inc.
The Trade Association of the Wooden Barrel Industry
White Oak                                 l   Bourbon and Wine barrels
l New and used barrels              l   Repair/rejuvenate casks
Kegs                                          l   Stave and Heading
l Planter barrels                          l   Specialty barrels
l Bungs and French Oak barrels

Membership Value

The value of membership in ACIA is your contact with others in the industry and this is quite important as is meeting them at the annual conventions.

Our conventions are held in the fall of the year.  The 102nd 
convention will be held in Key Largo, FL, October 7 - 10, 2017. The 103rd convention will be held in Austin, TX, October 13 -16, 2018

Associated Cooperage Industries of America, Inc.
Polly Wagner
10001 Taylorsville Road
Suite 201
Louisville, KY  40299-3116
Phone: 502.261-ACIA (2242)
Fax: 502.261-9425
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Policy for Environmental Sustainability & 
  Social Responsibility
Optimize the eco-efficiency of our products throughout the product life cycle, including increased efficiency of all resources and energy used in the production and utilization of cooperage products.

Engage our stakeholders and independent third parties in constructive dialogue to help fulfill commitments supporting our longterm sustainability vision.

Build on our knowledge of sustainability and willingly share it with others.  We will be open and active in our communications, and we will work to motivate and inspire the companies and organizations within our supply chain to implement sustainable practices.

Foster the well-being of employees in the cooperage industry and provide them with a safe and healthy working environment.

Demonstrate social responsibility by promoting values and initiatives that show respect for the people and communities associated with our businesses.

Maintain high ethical standards in our professional interactions with employees, customers, suppliers and community members.
Member companies of the Associated Cooperage Industries of America, Inc. are committed to a vision of environmental sustainability and social responsibility.  As part of this vision, we collectively pledge our commitment  to: