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The Associated Cooperage Industries of America, Inc. is committed to a vision of environmental sustainability and social responsibility. As part of this vision, we collectively pledge our commitment to:

  • Engage our members and vendors in constructive dialogue to help fulfill commitments supporting our longterm sustainability vision.

  • Build on our knowledge of sustainability and willingly share it with others. We will be open and active in our communications, and we will work to motivate and inspire the companies and organizations within our membership to implement sustainable practices.

  • Foster the well-being of our members in the cooperage industry and provide them with knowledge about a safe and healthy working environment.

  • Demonstrate social responsibility by promoting values and initiatives that show respect for the people and communities connected with our association.

  • Maintain high ethical standards in our professional interactions with our members and vendors.

For more information about our sustainability and social responsibility practices, please contact Melissa Zoeller here.

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